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Restoration and upholstery fabric wall and draperies

The hangings wall are artifacts designed to embellish the dwellings in which they appear. Initially were products of the drapery wall and then ran to the wall fabrics, all to make the environment very colorful, representative and effective, even for maintaining the privacy of these are very useful because often the residences had large spaces and fori- light without dark.

This type of upholsteries requires a very particular work: is initially padded with crime animal, wool, or cotton, later is performed a first cover coat and then a second fabric Plain, is finally decorated with brocades, lampas or designs on the fabric.

Regarding the restoration of the stretched fabric on the walls must follow a precise procedure by first creating its own structure where to then apply the tissue, the trimmings and the edges or agremani finishing. This work, which in the past was performed only in residences, involves a careful choice of materials of the tissues so you combine with the style of the residence in which they are inserted.

The restoration of the tapestry wall is a delicate and challenging job that is mainly done by our female staff trying to keep intact the structure of the building. In order that we did a great job here must follow a precise procedure: to maintain the initial state even during processing before it is necessary to photograph, then number the sheets and after you pass all’aspiratura, cleaning, support, etc … Sometimes you can remove the artifact from the walls while in others you have to work in the wall with particular care and passion and applying materials compatible with the existing one, or even using his own yarn. Once the work, if done with dedication, it works flourish long gone.

With the cooperation of well-known professionals and trust of customers we already since 1980 to create and organize specific areas of demand for both private and generic opportunities by harnessing all that we have learned over time and using appropriate materials as needed and occurrences. We are also able to change the type of various scenes or movable walls to the same salt using high-tech materials and installed by absolute respect and trust.