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The company Ambientazioni Carraro & C. S.n.c. was created in 1976 by the owner Mr. Marcolongo Claudio and his wife Ms. Carraro Albertina, mainly as an artisan company operating in the field of custom upholstery, progressively developing a service to 360 °, to give the customer (private, professional or company) a one goal:  reach the right solution best suited to your needs.

Claudio started working in the workshops of the most important school of Padova (Cav. Muttinelli, Cav. Lotto) where the art of tapestry was taught through the techniques as closely scrolled through to the early twentieth century for both the materials used and for the methodology packaging. This allowed that everything that has been learned continues to be an added value to the work that our company can play, forming our own workers in the laboratory, suggesting them to deepen the culture of the upholstery through books, conferences, visits to museums , exhibitions, etc. Only in this way you can form a great working group with which achieve certain objectives.

Over time, in addition to the curtains and furniture upholstery period the company also specializes in technical curtains. In fact, it was among the first in the 80 to use the first fabrics with fire retardant treatment for civil use as sun protection for banks, hospitals, hotels, etc.

In the 90s, thanks to the entry in the company of his son Ugo Marcolongo, the company has also specialized in the design of public spaces by getting good results.

Over the years they have been designed and implemented with the support of the best design professionals and colleagues from various companies: theaters, museums, old houses, circles, modern villas, country cottages, luxury apartments, meeting rooms, control rooms, cinemas, boarding , reception, common areas, etc. Thanks to these partnerships it has formed a pool of partner companies across the board that allowed him to be all ‘height of the final result.

Another critical step is the ISO 9001: 2008 that the company has imposed since 2006. In fact, it appears to be the first craft company in the sector at the national level to achieve this result. Meanwhile, it also claimed the ISO 14001: 2004 for environmental management, to make this possible it is necessary to pay attention to everything that can be recycled or harmful to the person and the environment with the support of our partners and suppliers of materials.

Currently the company employs  two offices, one in Mellaredo of Pianiga (Venice, Italy) in Via Noalese Sud 45, for  the department tissues over to exposition, and one of Peraga Vigonza (Padua, Italy) in Via Bagnoli 28, for the department structures. It also has a store with this exhibition show in Padua in the historical center, and just in Via San Francesco 56.



“Ambient temperature” means literally put an object or more precisely of the furniture in a room, in a clearly defined; but this is a definition that is too rough.

For us to Ambientazioni Carraro means actively cooperate with the customer by matching his taste and his requirements to our technical expertise, knowledge of  fabrics and styles of furniture in such a way that the end result is harmonious and reflects the personality of the person he lives in that space.

In our opinion the house should not be just something to show for the benefit of the guests but must be above all a cozy place to relax after a stressful day at work, where the heat of the rooms envelop anyone who enters making him feel at ease. While a workplace must be ordered, bright, inviting to think and get in touch with colleagues, clients and guests.

Our activities therefore can not be reduced to provide the customer just what they require, but it is our care also offer a number of tips from the placement of furniture, the choice of  fabrics for curtains and upholstery in general as well as the location of  objects.

Carraro environments today is a company that works with the best architects and design offering its willingness to carry out in the world, the most prestigious, giving solutions to their product more security on installing rails in public places ( schools, hospitals, etc.) and using a dual system and assestante the same track as fall.

Also it makes use of the company responsible for certification (CATAS) and security to give no working product and just as safe.

Our products are divided into:

Production of the classic curtain (light tents, sopratende, valances, curtains, scenes, etc.);

Production of technical and curtains curtains interior (curtains vertical stripes, panel curtains, roller blinds, venetian blinds, winter-garden, etc) of the awning (coats, tends to square bar, etc. )

Upholstery work in general, including the mural (restoration of wall hangings, draperies, upholstery d ‘art, sunscreen, etc.).

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Particular attention is paid to the curtains to the community, which tends fireproof partitions for hospital wards and nursing homes, scenes and curtains always fireproof fabric for cinemas, theaters and sun protection in general.