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Hospitals & others

Hospitals, Airports and Commercial centers differ from other customers in many aspects but most notably in size. For those large open to the public performance is crucial. Ambientazioni Carraro has been able to supply large players in the field such as Padua Hospital, Pisa Hospital, and Venice Marco Polo Airport for its ability to supply:

  • Large scale supply of uniform curtains and furniture items. It’s often important for those places, particularly hospitals, to mantain the same setting from room to room, for the greater comfort of the patient.
  • Motorized and Computerized central control of all curtains (through integration with BUS systems). Such buildings cannot expect to manually control each solar protection, but centralized systems are necessary for efficient operation.
  • Large-size effective solar protections. Often featuring large windows, particulary at airports and commercial centres, large curtains are required, but much more is demanded of those solar protections to reduce the very high amount of sun rays to which the indoors are exposed.
  • Resistance to heavy usage. While curtains are not directly ‘used’ by the many visitors these buildings have, its important that the implemented solar protections provide the adequate protection expected of them through the day as the effected users are many. Ambientazioni Carraro use of high-quality purposefully ingeneered materials, and adoption of automated systems, allows it to provide fire-proof reliable solar protections. Searchlight cells to measure the sun rays intensity and anemometers to measure wind speed, allow for precise and effective automatic control of the curtains.
  • Custom solutions. Ambientazioni Carraro curtains design allows to minimize the space consumed by the curtains, to create a large space impression, but also to reduce dirt accumulation spots. A source of concern in hospitals.
  • Continuous after-sale support. It’s often not a key competence of the customer to wash/clean and mantain those curtains, however it certainly is the manufacturers. Ambientazioni Carraro has been providing extended support to its customers, taking complete responsibility of the curtains.

At last, Ambientazioni Carraro ability to supply uniform, large, fireproof and reliable solar protection solutions along with automated centralized control and after-sale service allows it to serve those special customers. Below are some photos of installations of ours at Airports, Hospitals and Commercial Centers.

In the hospital sector we try to maximize space for meeting, for there to be less invasive and can be the ultimate convenience of movement and maintenance. Thanks to the collaboration of psychologists same hospital you choose is the type of the tissues that the colors to use (think of the difference between a department and a pediatric intensive care unit).