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Hotels & Restaurants

Coffee shops, hotels and restaurants are sought by their customers for relax and comfort, often higher than the day-to-day one found at work and at home. A relaxing and comfortable indoor environment highly depends on careful selection of furniture and curtains. Ambientazioni Carraro has proudly supplied luxurious furniture to prestigious hotels and restaurants.

  • Visual and thermal comfort: The installation of Controllo del Sole curtains guarantees even light distribution throughout the day, controlling dazzle and reflections to levels comforming to ISO norms. But solar protections have the other great advantage of considerably reducing indoor temperature in a natural way. Air condititioners agressive and noisy air blowing creates a less than pleasant environment for many customers, and in restaurant settings may inadequately cool the food.
  • Set high-quality settings: Whether a traditional, artistic, classic or modern atmosphere is intended it will set by the harmonious selection of furniture, decor items and the curtains and their textiles. The combination of Ambientazioni Carraro interior design expertise and manufacturing ability allows it to create complete environments (ambienti) with the customer.
  • Sustainability and durability:
  • Motorized central control: Solar protections motorization results in optimal light management and increased energy saving, through automatic adaptation to daily and seasonal weather conditions. Integration with completely computerized building management systems (BUS).

In short, Ambientazioni Carraro can help businesses in the hospitality industry make their businesses even more welcoming by means of effective solar protections that reduce reliance of air conditioners, and increase visual comfort.

Receiving word that implies the perception of a visual message as soon as you enter a room, especially if public. The company therefore aims that this feeling is always comfortable so that the guest can feel at ease through our recommendations and our work.

Below are photos of some recent references.