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This information is intended at private individuals seeking to furnish their new house, or just change their current home settings. Solar protections may be implemented at home for any of the following reasons:

  • Decorative complement. Indoor curtains depending on their textile, perceived thickness, valance style, color, and patterns affect the atmosphere of the room they are fitted into. Thanks to Ambientazioni Carraro artisian expertise in drapery works, and complete settings it is able to advise on the most appropriate textiles to choose for the curtains. Furthermore, we don’t exclude valances from our consideration, and are able to furnish these as is suitable.
  • Visual comfort. Most people fit curtains at home to attenuate the evasive sun rays at midday. Often however the rooms ends up poorly lit (with the customer resulting to turn on electrical lights during the day) or dazzle and reflections still make it into the room. Ambientazioni Cararro controllo del Sole curtains have been carefully designed to keep windows luminosity below 100 cd/m2, the optimal level for even spread of light.
  • Thermal confort. Sun rays are absorbed by furniture and wall surfaces which reflect them back as long-distance wave that cannot be absorbed out by the window – hence the so-called ‘greenhouse effect’. Effective solar protections on the other hand can block up to 88% of sun rays in certain conditions, considerably improving indoor temperature.
  • Energy saving. Through purposefully designed curtains it’s possible to reduce indoor temperatures by up to 15 degrees in certain conditions, and thus redude air conditioning consumption by up to 40%. Furthemore, the ‘natural’ temperature control of curtains mitigates the agressive air pumped by air conditioners.
  • Privacy. Curtains are designed such that you see the outdoor neighborhood during the day, but they don’t see you.

Since the effectiveness of thermal protection heavily deends on the color, light colors reflect rays externally and thus achieve best results, Ambientazioni Carraro promotes the use of double-layer curtains such that the layer facing the indoors can be of freely choosen amongst dark colors, while the sun rays are faced with a white layer.

In advising our product (that is curtains, padded upholstery, wall, furniture etc …) we always try that the customer is a participant in the first person in the choices and decisions to make. In fact, our experts can only give advice and suggestions so that what he chooses is durable, comfortable and advantageous within the home where it will be inserted.

If we have a chance to make furniture from scratch instead we seek first to understand its needs and its demands, and then choose the colors initially, floors and furniture primary and then run the drawings that allow the customer to see the project undertaken in order to assess whether it is to his liking in the knowledge that you should always be able to meet the different needs and changes in the course of work and taking into consideration all the very objects, furniture, paintings, carpets that the developer held in a particular way.

Below are photos of houses we have proudly furnished.